How to read Tony’s Earl book?

Read and study the articles Tony Earl wrote together with various university colleagues:

  1. The Complete Book The Art and Craft of Course Design, pdf.
  2. Review of Tony Earls Book by C. Kerr .
  3. The tips which resemble the way of working of Tony Earl. 
  4. Study the case studies from Tony Earl
  5. Use the tag-cloud or the search button to search for a specific concept or word.
  6. Select in the right column the chapters and paragraphs you want to read and study.
  7. Why I think the design approach of Tony Earl is worthwhile in Higher Education, video by Jan Nedermeijer.
  8. Read the foreword in which Tony Earl explains his vision.Why this website?

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  1. Rob van Haarlem

    Good afternoon,

    With interest and many good memories to my contact with Tony and Pieree van Eijl during the years 1974 and 1975, I would like to ask some informations. These days I coordinate an individual learning/coaching traject meant for professionals in de Bio-Dynamic Agriculture. These persons come to us with an idea, make a plan and start their research project. So they design their own course of learning. Question: Do you know of individuals who have used Tony’s ideas and suggestion to design their own, EIGEN, program of learning. If so, please let my know; I would like to learn from their experiences


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